Jawan Day 5 (1st Monday) Box Office Collection Early Trends Report - Superb Strong Hold


SRK's Jawan Day 5 (Monday) Box Office Collection Early Trends Report suggests Superb Hold on 5th Day with Strong Collections on its 1st Monday.

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The film has held up superbly well in the morning shows with less than 50 % drop from its first Friday and that's a very good indicator of the box office trend of this film with some places holding up even better. From the early trends, it can be confirmed, that the day 5 will be in the range of 24-26 crore, with the potential to go higher depending on the box office performance in the evening and night shows alongwith the IndvsPak cricket match.

The collections have held up decently well in Tamil and Telugu versions and they should continue to collect well over the first week at the box office. The All India Collection of Jawan including all languages can breach the 310-315 crore mark by the end of Monday. The Total Hindi collections can hit the 280 crore mark depending on how the evening and night shows perform at the box office. 

There is a strong possibility that the 300 Crore for Jawan in Hindi might be done by tomorrow hopefully and that will make it the fastest 300 crore film for Bollywood beating SRK's own Pathaan which did in 7 days but we will get to know about it tomorrow. 

The ticket prices of Jawan have been reduced in the weekdays starting Monday, compared to the record opening weekend ATP and that should help increase the footfalls of the film over the first week. The ticket prices will again go up during the next weekend with Ganesh Chaturthi etc on the horizon and that will again help the film hit huge numbers in the second weekend as well. 

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