Jawan Sunday (Day 4) Box Office Collection - Biggest Day Ever for a Bollywood Movie - All Time Record


SRK's Jawan Movie 4th Day (Day 4) Sunday Box Office Collection: All Time Highest - Biggest Ever Record Collections for Bollywood - Hindi Films. 

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Jawan has scored a record breaking Sunday (Day 4) as the film scored the Highest Ever Single day for Hindi/Bollywood Movie and also became the first movie to breach the 70 Crore Single Day Mark. Jawan has scored around 71.5 crore from its Hindi version and around 8.5 crore from Tamil and Telugu versions on its fourth day. All are All Time Records. 

Jawan has beaten the highest single day record of its own on Sunday. It had previously created the highest single day on Saturday (68.72 crore) and this film has shown a growth from that kind of an insane Saturday business and this is earth shattering to say the least.

The film hasn't seen much impact by the IndvsPak today and it remains to be seen if there will be any impact tomorrow but going by the box office juggernaut performance of Jawan, it looks like the match might not have any major impact tomorrow. 

The highest day 4 collection is held by Pathaan (Saturday - 53 crore) and the highest Sunday Collection is also of Pathaan (Sunday - 59 crore) and Jawan has decimated both the numbers by a huge margin at the box office.  

The film has crossed 250 crore mark in Hindi in four days and the collections of all versions has crossed the 284 crore mark easily in its opening weekend at the box office. 

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Jawan has beaten another record of Pathaan. The previous record 4 day total for a Hindi record was held by SRK's Pathaan at 215 crore in Hindi and 222 crore in all versions and Jawan will beat the record by an insane margin inspite of the fact that Pathaan had a major National Holiday on Day 2 compared to Jawan, which had a Partial Holiday on Day 1 but it had a Sunday during its first four days. 

Box Office Collections of Jawan

  • Thursday - 74 crore (65.5 H + 8.5 T &T)
  • Friday - 52.5 crore (46.23 H + 6.25 T & T)
  • Saturday - 77 crore (68.73 H + 8.25 T&T)
  • Sunday - 80.13 crore (71.63 H + 8.5 T&T) 

Total (after 4 Days) - 283.95 crore (252.45 H + 31.5 T&T)

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