Fukrey 3 3rd Friday (Day 16) Box Office Collection - Superb National Cinema Day Friday Collections


Fukrey 3 3rd Friday Day 16 (Third Friday Business - 16th Day) Box Office Collection  indicate Superb National Cinema Day Collections.

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Fukrey 3 is looking to score a superb third friday (Day 16) at the box office courtesy National Cinema Day. 

As per box office actuals, Fukrey 3 is targeting Day 16 Business of around 4.5 crore taking the 16 Days Total to around 85.7 crores at the box office. 

Fukrey 3 has scored over Jawan for the Top Spot on the National Cinema Day at the box office and it is going to a tight battle throughout at the box office. Fukrey 3 has the most numbers of shows on NCD 2023. 

Fukrey 3 has an outside chance of hitting the 95-97 crore mark but that will defintely depend on the trend in the weekdays of the third and fourth week. 

Break Up of Collections of Fukrey 3 

  • First Week (8 Days) - 66.02 crore
  • Second Week - 15.27 crore
  • Third Friday (Early Estimates) - 4.5 crore

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