Thank You For Coming, Dono 2nd Friday (Day 8) Box Office Collection - Good National Cinema Day Friday Collections


Thank You For Coming, Dono Movie 2nd Friday (Day 8 Business) Box Office Collections - Good National Cinema Day (8th Day) Collection for both the films at the box-office.

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As per early estimates, Thank You For Coming Second Friday (Day 8) Box Office Collections should be around 0.6-0.65 crore taking the 8 day total business to 5.5 crore. 

Thank You For Coming is looking to score a good day courtesy National Cinema Day 2023 at the box office as it has scored its fourth highest day at the box office, just below the opening day business. 

Day Wise Collections of Thank You For Coming

  • First Week - 4.85 crore
  • Second Friday (Early Estimates)  - 0.6-0.65 crore 

Dono is looking to score a good National Cinema Day as the final Day 8 numbers might be higher than its opening day at the box office.  

As per early trends, Dono Second Friday (Day 8) Box Office Collections might be around 0.07-0.08 crore. 

The second Friday numbers won't change the fact that Dono is easily the biggest disastrous debut for a star kid in Bollywood. 

Day Wise Collections of Dono

  • First Week - 0.68 crore
  • Second Friday (Early Trends) - 0.07-0.08 crore

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