Salaar Day 1 Box Office Opening Report : Huge in Telugu, Decent in Hindi : Prabhas

Prabhas' Movie Salaar has taken a huge opening at the box office today. The 1st Day Early Shows and the Morning Shows Opening is Humongous.

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Salaar Part 1 : Cease Fire has taken a huge opening in Telugu states and Karnataka. It has opened to superb opening at Kerala and Tamil box office whereas the opening is decent in Hindi.

Prabhas is coming off after multiple underperformers at the box office but the opening in all the South states throws that out of the window. Salaar Part 1 : Cease Fire Opening has reinstated and reignited the huge stardom of Prabhas.

In Hindi belts, it has started decently in Mumbai, Odisha circuits whereas it is average in Delhi-UP as welll though it should have been better for the genre.

The film is set to score a 100 Crore Plus All India number easily. In Hindi, it is looking at opening in mid teens if the box office trend is anything to go by. The film is a very current booking driven film in Hindi so the film has to maintain pace through out the day. 

While the Southern states don't have any significant competition for Salaar, the Hindi markets has the biggest competiton in the form of Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki and Salaar has to really do well over the first three days to compete with Dunki and enjoy the major holiday period at the box office. 

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