Jawan Box Office Opening Report - Bumper Start, Earth Shattering at Places for the Shah Rukh Khan film.


Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan has take a bumper start at the box office today. It has scored a record breaking start at lot of places with early morning shows.

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The film is set for a record initial day at the box office as it has taken a record start and multiple states have holiday for today so the walk-ins are going to be super strong as well through out the day at the ticket window. The opening is around 75-80% overall with some places going higher. Multiple early shows at 100 % occupancy as well. 

The film has superb opening in multiplexes and single screens across board. It is way higher than Pathaan in most of the territories in terms of opening and it should continue to remain that way throughout the day. 

The film has scored a earth shattering opening in West Bengal, Nizam, Chennai, Kerala circuits with huge amount of early morning shows, considering a Hindi film. The start is superb in Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Bihar, CP-Berar, CI Rajasthan, Pune as well though Mumbai and Gujarat could have been better but they are superb as well.

The film should easily score the 65 crore+ mark going by the current start as it has already scored a 30 crore plus nett from advances itself even before the first show started. It will be interesting to see whether the film can beat the highest single day for Hindi films, a record currently held by Pathaan (68 crore) and we will get the know that as the day progresses by. 

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Like we had mentioned multiple times earlier, the opening day record being broken by Jawan is a foregone conclusion. It is now about how high it can go at the box office. 

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