Jawan 1st Day Box Office Collection Early Trends Report : All Time Record Opening Day CONFIRMED

Check out the Jawan's 1st Day) Opening Day 1) Box Office Collection Early Trends Report : All Time Record Collections Confirmed for First Day. 

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Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan has started its opening day on fire as the collections are increasing multifold with every passing show. The film is set for a record first day at the box office going by the early box office trends. The trends are making it look like a 62-65 crore mark opener though it is an extremely initial number based on early reports. 

The film is on fire in East-West-North-South with records collections in most of the morning and noon shows across single screens as well as multiplexes. The trend will strengthen across the day since the holiday crowd will start coming in from 3PM Onwards so the chances for film breaching the highest single day mark of Pathaan (68 crore) can't still be ruled out. 

Going by the early trends, the film is also heading for a record opening day in Tamil and Telugu with the combined gross collection having the possibility to reach the double digit mark.It is definetely a record opener in Tamil by a record margin and that can be confirmed even now. 

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Watch out for an update later today. 

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