Jawan Day 1 Box Office Collection Early Estimates - All Time Record First Day Collections for Shah Rukh Khan


Jawan Day 1 Box Office Collection Early Estimates - All Time Record First Day Collections for Shah Rukh Khan as he beats Pathaan First Day Numbers. 

Note : - These are very early estimates. As the film is a huge release across the country, so the final numbers might vary (+/- 5%) once they come tomorrow. 

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Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan has scored a 63-65 crore (75-77 crore Gross) as per the very early estimates from its Hindi version and around 7-8 crores nett (8.5-9.5 Gross) approx from its Tamil and Telugu versions. All the three versions have recorded the highest opening day for Hindi films in their respective versions. 

Jawan Total Day 1 Collections from PIC Chains is an All Time Record as they will be around 30.5-31 crore (Previous best for day 1 Pathaan 27.02 Crore). MovieMax Chains will collect approx 1.1 Crore. MoveTime chain will collect around 1 Crore. All are Biggest Day 1 Records.

The film has scored records in practically most of territories and even if it falls short in some, it hardly matters as the overall day one numbers are insane. The film is sure to set the record first day, single day in Eastern and Souther circuits like West Bengal, Nizam, Mysore, AP/TG, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  

The Overall Day 1 for the film is around 72-75 crore nett (85-87 crore Gross) which is an insane number to say the least. Jawan has scored the Highest Single Day for a single Hindi film considering all the versions. The previous highest day for a single film was Pathaan at around 70 crore (68 crore + 2 crore) on 26th January at the box office. In only Hindi version, it might stay below Pathaan when the final numbers come in tomorrow. 

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Kerala has scored an approx 3.5-3.75 crore gross Day 1 (including All Versions) breaking the previous record of Pathaan (1.95 crore gross) by almost double the margin. Similar kind of margins might have been achieved in all other Southern states and that has happened due to big patronage from the dubbed versions due to additonal presence of South stars alongside a Megastar like Shah Rukh Khan. 

  • Hindi - 63-65 crore (75 - 77 crore Gross) 
  • Tamil & Telugu - 7-8 crore nett (8.5-9.5 crore Gross) 
Total (Early Estimates) - 72-75 crore nett (84-88 crore Gross) 

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