Jawan Day 1 All India Hindi Tamil Telugu Collection - Worldwide Box Office Collections : ALL TIME RECORD


Check out Jawan Movie Day 1 All India Hindi Tamil Telugu Collection  - Worldwide Box Office 1st (Opening) Day Collections of the Shah Rukh Khan Film.

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The film has scored around 125 Crores approx Gross Worldwide Box Office Collections based on the early estimates. This will be updated with the final numbers later today. 

Shah Rukh Khan becomes the Only Bollywood Actor to  have Two 100 Crore Gross Worldwide Openers, Two 50 Crore nett Hindi Openers in a single year, Two All Time Record Openers in modern era in just 6 months, forget 1 year. UNIMAGINABLE RECORD and MEGA COMEBACK.

Jawan has toppled Pathaan both at the Indian Box Office as well Overseas Box Office on its opening day thus creating an ALL Time Record Opener in all the versions in India and Worldwide box office. Pathaan Day 1 was around 110 Crores Gross Worldwide. Jawan has beaten that by around 20 % margin atleast.

Note - All these are approximates. Actuals will be updated later today. 

Break Up of Collections in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu in India and Worldwide.

  • India (Hindi) - 65.5 crore nett (77 crore Gross)
  • Tamil & Telugu - 8.5 crore nett (10 crore Gross) 
  • Total India - 74 crore nett (87 crore Gross) 
  • Total Overseas - 4.65 Million USD (38.7 crore Gross)
  • Total Worldwide - 125.7 crore Gross

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